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VirtualUA, Inc 10th Anniversary

Written by Daniel Armstrong on March 04, 2022 at 9:53 PM UTC

VUA will transition into our second decade on March 24, 2022. "We couldn't be more than proud of our accomplishments from the last decade. It's been ten years since VirtualUA took off to the friendly blue skies. Time sure does fly by. I have learned from many challenges and rewards, and we appreciate them all. Our continued success comes from our three most significant assets, our partners/sponsors, members, and dedicated staff team said Robby Sayles, VirtualUA CEO.  


We recently announced our partnership with ICREWSYSTEMS Software Engineering, LLP for technology development, along with a new domain. During the 2nd quarter of 2022, we will sunset our current Pilot Center known as "ATMOS" and our decade-long domain "" We are excited to announce that a newer website and Pilot center are being developed. Once we transition to our new website, we will launch a new domain, ", which will soar to cyberspace. We are excited about all these upcoming changes while celebrating our 10th Anniversary. Later this spring, we will have a special 10th Anniversary celebration, where pilots will get together for our annual online event.  


We're genuinely grateful to all our members, staff, and partners that we have enjoyed working with through the years. We're proud to celebrate our 10th Anniversary, and we're confident that VirtualUA, Inc. will continue its successes for many years to come. 

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