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United is going Supersonic

Written by JetStream Radio Events on June 08, 2021 at 3:55 AM UTC

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United Airlines has recently confirmed that they will be ordering 15 Boom Overture supersonic aircraft, with the ability to order 35 more. With the prospect of these entering service towards the end of the decade, we think it is fitting that we take a look at the previous supersonic airliners.

The Overture and Concorde are very similar aircraft in terms of their dimensions. The Concorde is 202 feet long and the overture just stretches to 205 feet. The Overture will also have a premium and luxury feel with a capacity of only 65 - 88 passengers compared to the 92 - 120 that the Concorde offered.

Both cruise at 60,000 feet however the Overture will be slightly slower at Mach 1.7 however there has been a bigger emphasis on reducing carbon emissions which the Concorde didn’t really consider. The Overture will also be able to go farther than the Concorde could, meaning that United has the chance to open some seriously unique routes that haven’t be viable in the past in the terms of supersonic flight.