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Spirit Airlines cabin crew hospitalised following flight

Written by JetStream Radio Events on July 19, 2020 at 11:32 AM UTC

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A Spirit Airlines flight from Minneapolis reported a medical emergency which resulted in 4 cabin crew being hospitalised. The A320 was descending into Baltimore when the incident occurred. They landed and taxied to the apron where Emergency Services were waiting for them. There were some people on board who were reporting that they were feeling ill.

The airline says that it is not Covid-19 related, but Fire personnel still entered the plane in full hazmat equipment since four cabin crew members reported feeling lightheaded. They were taken to a local hospital to be evaluated. None of the passengers needed any attention, and all reported that they were feeling fine. The aircraft is still going to be deep cleaned before its next flight.

This could also be due to the APU which has been a common problem on Airbus narrowbody aircraft. There can be a failure to the clean environmental systems which could cause odours in the cabin; they suggested: “a clean APU means clean cabin air.” The cause can be from internal leakage, or the re-ingestion of oil and only a small amount of oil is needed to cause odours. It is up to the airlines to ensure that their APUs are clean to ensure that no flights turn out like this one.

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