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projectFly takes a big jump

Written by JetStream Radio Events on July 21, 2020 at 11:29 AM UTC

This article should take 4 minutes to read.

In the realm of flight simulation, we all want to record our flights to show off to our friends. If you’re not in a virtual airline but still want your flight logged one of best methods is to use third-party programs to do the job. One of the best programs to do just that is projectFly which Matt Davies company Mettar Simulations maintain. They recently released their 4th version of projectFly, which will help them generate revenue to help cover the current costs that they experience due to their high user number. We decided to try out v4 before making this article, and so far we’re now ready to comment on it.

It all started when they began to update projectFly, which was only meant to take 24 hours but ended up taking closer to 48 hours without significant updates. We must admit that it was exciting to be updated after using the old system for well over a year, so not many people were disappointed, which is a positive note for once. After it was released, everyone wanted to try out v4, and the new User Interface promised to be the best one yet. We wanted to try flying, but we had to wait close to 48 hours again since their system was running slow so badly people could not even search for the airport with me trying to search KSFO taking close to 5 minutes to get a result. From a post on their social media, they said that the problem originated from how many requests the server was receiving “The server is currently dealing with 2,800 requests every second”. After this, they asked us to bear with them while they changed their cloud providers to Microsoft, where they were given an Engineer to help them combat this issue.

Mettar Simulations fixed the issue relatively quickly within that 48 hours, which I began thinking would take close to a couple of days to get under control, so that was something I was impressed with. The interface is a bit confusing with it being tough to find certain things and some parts aren’t working correctly still like the booking and dispatch system not allowing people to use v4 planes which is a big downfall, so it was lucky that we had planes saved from v3 to use. I will give them credit on the use of documents to help us through the process even though it is hidden without much direction to them if you get stuck they’re accommodating. One thing we have noticed now is that many people are now back flying on the network again.

After sitting on this for a couple of days, we’re delighted with the update that Matt Davies and his team have served us. The interface still needs a tad of love, but I am sure Mettar will correct that in the future. There are some things that I didn’t like, and that was the flight path that had colours for showing what altitude the user was flying at. They changed it to be one full colour, so they were lucky to select v3 trail. The radar has been fixed so the issues of jumping across the map are now fixed so it looks more realistic and the addition of a .KML file exports so you can view the flight path in Google Earth is a welcome one. To sum up, it is a joy to use v4, but there is still some work to be done but nothing that would drive users away. We thank the team for their work and look forward to what they can bring us in the future.

We did reach out Mettar Simulations and projectFly for comment, but they did not reply to our request.

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