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Another new airline!

Written by JetStream Radio Events on July 18, 2020 at 1:38 PM UTC

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You’re probably wondering why anybody would want to start a new airline right now. Well, Nolinor aviation is having nothing stop them in fulfilling their dreams. They have announced a new airline, OWG which they hope to start flying by the end of the year. We explore this new airline a little bit further.

Starting a new airline during the middle of a pandemic might not be the smartest decision, but their parent company thinks it might be the perfect time to start one. The airline will be based out of Quebec and targets southern destinations which is something Nolinor hasn’t got on their list of destinations, so it opens a lot of doors for the company.


Nolinor has already been operating for 27 years with ten 737s flying around the north part of Canada offering charter flights. Now with this new airline, they hope to cash in on the leisure travellers to the south. They already have spent $1 million on a think tank to help shape their business. OWG President Marco Prud’homme said, “The flight portion of your trip should be an integral part of your vacation. Traditional airlines have chosen to cut the quality of their services year after year with no regard for the passenger experience. Our goal is to win the hearts of Quebecers with a new airline whose mission is to get travellers excited again.”

OWG has been in the works since 2018, and earlier this year they acquired their fleet of 737-400s. So this is not as cutting edge as some of the newer models, but it will do. Now you’re probably wondering what OWG stands for and let me tell you it is pretty clever. Probably thought of during their think tank sessions OWG is an acronym meaning “off we go”. What is hopes to do is excite passengers before they even get on their flights.

With many low-cost airlines failing while some are very successful, it is alright to wonder what business model this airline will have. Their website says “Each travel experience must exceed your expectations. Personal satisfaction is directly linked to the perceived gap between the height of our expectations and our lived experience. We are fulfilled only when our experience exceeds our expectations.” which leads me to believe that they will be a hybrid carrier, not just a full low-cost airline. They hope to launch the airline on the 31st of August; hopefully, they make it!

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